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Custom computer builds to fit any need


We repair computers, laptops, cellphones, consoles and more


Bring fresh life to your electronic devices

• Build •

A great computer built to suit you.

We can build the computer of your dreams right down to the screws, whether it's top of the line hardware or within a specific budget.

Not looking for anything fancy? We can do that too. Get a simple computer that is tailored to your business, hobby or personal needs.

We can also modify and upgrade game consoles!

• Repair •

 We repair a wide range of devices from computers to cell phones, gaming consoles and more. With timely diagnostics we can have your device back to you quickly and in working order. Our specialties include but are not limited to:

Computers of all shapes and sizes including Windows, Mac and Linux OS

Virus / malware removal and proactive protection

•Diagnostics and repair service

•System tune-ups and optimization

Hardware upgrades

•Software installation and troubleshooting

•Data recovery and drive cloning

Cell phones

Screen replacement

•Battery replacement 

•Charging port repair

•Data recovery

Game Consoles

•Console and controller repair & modification

•Storage and disc replacements

•Power issues

HDMI / AV port replacement


Breathe fresh life into your old electronics.

Not all devices will show warning signs before they fail. Old game consoles, arcade systems and other retro electronics are often in need of restoration to ensure they can continue to operate as intended for many more years to come. We have the expertise to diagnose and restore these items, including soldering repairs.

In many cases we can get your device to not only work like new, but look like it too.


We carry a variety of parts, cables, and accessories for just about anything electronic. If we don't have it in stock we can get it.

• Networking equipment for home and office

• USB, audio and video cables

Custom ethernet cables 

• USB storage and SD cards

• Adapters and couplers

• Computer parts of every category

• Coin cell batteries

Looking for something niche? Just give us a call!